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Framework market research and data analysis  




Web Survey Features

> Data Validation
> Response and Grid Masking
> Routing
> Text Substitution
> Rotation and Randomization

> Multimedia
> Navigation
> Partial Completion
> Password Protection
> Progress Bar

> Multi-Lingual Surveys
> Quota Control
> Data Merge

Data validation

A wide range of facilities exist to ensure final data is clean and complete, such as:
Requiring a question to be answered.

Ensuring illogical combinations of responses cannot be entered – for example, ‘None of these’ and another response.

Ensuring a certain number of items are checked (for example, exactly 2 items, at least 2 items, or less than 5 items).

Numeric Validation

Ensuring numeric data is logical (for example, hours worked per week is between 0 and 168).

Ensuring numeric data adds to the correct total where relevant (for example, 'Out of your last ten purchases, how many ...' adds to 10).

Relational numeric comparisons – for example, checking the number of children in household is at least one less than total number of people in household.

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