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Framework market research and data analysis  




Case Studies

> Segmentation of readers, specialist magazine
> Employee survey
> Business customer retention, onsite drinks machines
> Position of manufacturer in commercial vehicle market
> Value and volume modelling, drinks market

Business customer retention, onsite drinks machines

Analysis of customer data including machine installations, supply purchase size and frequency, sales visits, complaints, customer losses.
Objectives: What actions would improve customer retention. Which customers are at risk of payment default.
Data: Internal records from variety of systems.
Outcomes: Identified points of crisis when customers most at risk. Profiled best customers in terms of profit and risk.
Benefits: Analysis provides means to manage customers more effectively to maintain profits, and to improve understanding of relationship with customers.
Methods: Database combination and restructuring, investigative data analyses, discriminant analysis, regression.
Similar work: Database analysis of independent financial advisers for financial institution, based on combined market research data and company records.

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