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Case Studies

> Segmentation of readers, specialist magazine
> Employee survey
> Business customer retention, onsite drinks machines
> Position of manufacturer in commercial vehicle market
> Value and volume modelling, drinks market

Segmentation of readers, specialist magazine

Analysis of replies from readers. Client wished to identify key readership groups by specific interests and then to use this in a cross analysis of response to the magazine content. Questions from across the questionnaire regrouped by factor analysis, in addition to attitudinal battery questions.
Objectives: Identify and understand readership subgroups.
Data: Self-completion questionnaire.
Outcomes: Pen portrait profiles of segments; size of segments; key differences between groups.
Benefits: Ability to aim content more effectively at key readership groups; increase readership loyalty; promote readership to advertisers.
Methods: Factor analysis, correlation, cluster analysis.
Similar work: Segmentation analyses in variety of markets: consumers of specific products, those who take part in activities, respondents to various specialist area surveys. Segmentations based on general population surveys of attitudes to activities / services. Part of usage and attitude surveys.

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