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Framework offers a varied statistical advice and support service that can be accessed whatever your level of expertise. Often, discussions of statistical analyses tend to concentrate on techniques rather than outcomes. It is our belief that these techniques are tools that should be used in the most effective manner, depending on the problem or area of interest. We use them to clarify our understanding of data; these are not an end product.

A common problem is that clients are familiar with a whole raft of techniques, but are uncertain when to use what. Let us know your objectives and the data you have available and we shall identify the options for you. Below we give a description of the most frequent tools we use. It is not an exhaustive list. If none of these address your particular needs, let us know and we shall be happy to provide additional methods that might be helpful to consider. We can simply conduct analyses for you if you wish to undertake your own interpretation, or we can provide full support and provide your results with explanations, interpretation and ready to present to the end client.

The choice is yours.



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